Question Period Live

Everyone's an expert on electoral reform

The exchange you can't miss from this afternoon's Question Period.

Two weeks away from the House of Commons means Tom Mulcair had plenty of time to collect new expert analysis on the government’s proposed electoral reform. The NDP spent the fortnight at unofficial consultations on the bill. In that time, myriad professors said the bill makes it more difficult to vote. Newspapers condemned the bill. Indeed, lots of thinkers are wary of Pierre Poilievre’s Fair Elections Act.

Not that those sorts of people have ever convinced the government to change course. Just try to find the long-form census that so many esteemed associations and learned folks tried to save in 2011. Not gonna find it.

In response, Poilievre quoted his own expert who expressed doubt over vouching—the long-standing practice that the current bill could eliminate. Conveniently enough, that expert was Mulcair.

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