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A 338Canada projection: If proportional representation was real

Philippe J. Fournier: How would this tight election end if Trudeau had kept his electoral reform promise? With three powerful parties, for starters.

Power half the time rather than power all the time

Will the Liberals be able to live with themselves if they lose the popular vote, but form government? History suggests they’ll be fine.

The results of the next federal election—if electoral reform had happened

Philippe J. Fournier: A new 338 Canada projection shows that under a proportional representation system the Greens and NDP would take a combined 90 seats
Elxn Ont Municipal 20181022

Was London’s ’pioneering’ ranked-ballot election a success?

The Ontario city was the first in Canada to elect its municipal leaders without first-past-the-post. But was it worth the extra cost?

How Doug Ford became an issue in the B.C. electoral reform campaign

The debate is already bitterly divided, with both sides claiming the other’s system opens the door to extremists
David Eby

The one thing that could bring back responsible government

Tom Parkin: A referendum this fall in B.C. could spark a Canada-wide move toward electoral reform—and restore some faith in our democracy
Ont Elxn Ford Profile 20180605

How Doug Ford could help us get electoral reform

Stephen Maher: A majority PC government in Ontario, led by an unqualified Ford, could be a powerful example of the need to change our electoral system
David Eby,Joy MacPhail

The rules of B.C.’s electoral-reform vote show just how healthy our democracy is

Opinion: The questions and rules governing British Columbia’s referendum on its voting system don’t represent the democratic doomsday that some claim
Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau on electoral reform: Maybe consistency isn’t the word

Paul Wells: Trudeau claims his views on electoral reform have been consistent, but they’re incompatible with what he and his party said on the campaign trail
A transit bus reminding people to vote travels in downtown Vancouver

Why B.C.’s latest electoral reform vote is probably doomed (again)

B.C. will take yet another stab at electoral reform in 2018, but the odds look stacked against champions of change