From Reagan to Trump: A timeline of presidents’ first 100 days

From cabinet approvals to major achievements to assassination attempts, how Trump compares to presidents 40 to 45 in their first 100 days

A president’s first 100 days has been used to benchmark every U.S. leader since Franklin Roosevelt followed his 1933 inaugural address with a flurry of activity that historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. called a “presidential barrage of ideas and programs, unlike anything known to American history.” Roosevelt and his New Deal provided a template for a robust, expansionary federalism for the next 50 years.

Behind the obsession with Donald Trump’s first 100 days

Expectations for modern presidents are more modest, but the first three months of a president’s term continues to set both the tone and agenda for the incoming administration.

Here are some key moments in the first hundred days of the last five, and what current POTUS Donald Trump was doing at the same point in his term:

Interactive built by Murad Hemmadi 


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