U.S. election night 2016

Make America fun again: Play U.S. Election Night Bingo

Take your mind off the stresses of America’s election-night fever with our five special Maclean’s Bingo cards

The end is finally near. But the results are far from clear. The 2016 U.S. presidential election—pitting Democrat Hillary Clinton against Republican Donald Trump—has left many in America and beyond frazzled and fried. So as the world gathers to watch the results of the long, hard campaign trail, try to take your mind off the stresses and join us in a fun game of Bingo! On a night full of hard choices, our game is simple: you and your friends pick your favourite of our five special election-night Bingo cards—tied to buzzwords, phrases and events that could happen over the course of the historic night—tune into your broadcaster of choice, and see what happens. Either Trump or Clinton could be a winner after election night—but so could you. View and print each individual card below, or download a PDF of all five right here.

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