U.S. election night 2016


The Maclean’s Skittles Map, in 30 seconds: How Trump won America

Our electoral map—in the candy most closely associated with the campaign—tracked the U.S. election night results. Watch them roll in, in 30 seconds
Preparations Continue For Hillary Clinton’s Election Night Event In New York City

What Donald Trump’s win means for a Canadian in New York

A block party at Brooklyn’s Clinton and President streets was supposed to celebrate the first female president. Instead, there was only silence.
2016 Election Clinton

A brutally poetic end to an election of hard narratives

On election night, the narrative gods switched the scripts—grief at Clinton HQ, dazed, frozen thrill at Trump’s
2016 Election Trump

Donald Trump wins, will become 45th U.S. president

A shocking, improbable election night has produced a president-elect Donald Trump
U.S. presidential nominee Trump and Mexico’s President Pena Nieto shake hands in Mexico City

What Donald Trump’s foreign policy would look like

Former top diplomat Colin Robertson on what Trump means for Canada and countries around the world
Supporters gather to rally with Trump in Minneapolis

Donald Trump waged war against the media. And won.

Donald Trump’s contempt for facts and the free press was rewarded in the U.S. election. Now what?
Traders from BGC, a global brokerage company in London’s Canary Wharf financial centre react during trading

Donald Trump won. Now the market freak-out begins.

Donald Trump has been elected to oversee an $18 trillion economy. Get ready for volatility.
Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City

Trump wins an election that wasn’t about choices, after all

U.S. election night revealed two Americas. The one that believes in an American dream for all was in the minority.
2016 Election New York Voting

The scene from Trump Tower in New York City

Meagan Campbell spoke to the people who were gathering outside Donald Trump HQ on election night

Why Trump and Clinton really were the best America could offer

It’s become an accepted truism that Trump and Clinton were both terrible options for the 2016 U.S. election. But that may not be the case, after all.