U.S. election 2016

S--t Donald Trump says: Rhetoric and reaction

The Republican presidential nominee continues to raise eyebrows and ire. Here's what he's said so far—and what happened afterward

What will Donald Trump say next? And will it be as absurd or racist or questionable as what he said last? There’s almost no doubt about it.

Even if election fatigue has set in for many, the shocking rhetoric that spews from the mouth of the party’s presumptive nominee never gets boring. He made waves, of course, at his coronation at the Republican convention—but it’s been this way for months, and it’s hard to keep track of. So our Trump Talks Tool allows you to look back at some of the questionable, controversial things the Republican presidential nominee has said, and the reaction to it. And as you read it below, remember: This man could soon be President of the United States.

Click or tap on the quotes to see what reaction they provoked.

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