Republican Convention 2016


Is NAFTA a goner? Don’t bet on it. We’ve heard this before.

Evan Solomon on whether we should trust the anti-trade promises from the cynical U.S. campaign trail
Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump

’You can’t fake good kids.’ Of course you can.

Donald Trump’s kids reveal nothing about him. And every parent ought to know it.
Aaron Hutchins

After the RNC: Stuck in Cruz control and another email scandal

From Cleveland to Philadelphia, Aaron Hutchins follows the 2016 election campaign

Fear Factor: It’s mourning again in America!

Turns out Donald Trump is just a regular guy, who wants to scare the hell out of you

Republican Convention: Day four in words and photos

Scott Feschuk on the final day in Cleveland

What’s next for jobless scribe behind RNC’s top headline?

A GOP post convention bounce? Maybe for the job-seeking journalist who cried plagiarism

RNC Day 4: Ivanka leans in, Trump’s top aide leans out

All the highlights of a day that culminated in the longest acceptance speech in decades
Donald Trump

It’s Trump’s party now. And soon, Trump’s world?

Trump risks everything on the chance that a majority of voters buy into his agenda of fear. What could possibly go wrong if he wins?
GOP 2016 Convention

Let’s talk about American exceptionalism

The Republican convention has been a festival of Trump-fuelled American exceptionalism. Problem is, he doesn’t believe in it—nor should he.
Donald Trump on campaign trail.

S--t Donald Trump says: Rhetoric and reaction

The Republican presidential nominee continues to raise eyebrows and ire. Here’s what he’s said so far—and what happened afterward