Power List 2023

Credit_Grant Harder

The Power List: Mindy Wight and Khelsilem are pairing real estate with reconciliation

Khelsilem and Wight, young and ambitious, are poised to endow the Squamish people with unprecedented wealth and influence
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The Power List: Scottie Barnes is the Raptors’ budding superstar

“It’s crazy when you interview a guy and he mentions ‘winning’ 34 times”
Haven Studios founder and video game creator Jade Raymond

The Power List: Jade Raymond set out to do her own thing

Haven Studios’ work on that secret Sony multiplayer title has become a huge talent draw
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The Power List: Jenni Byrne, Poilievre’s chief adviser, knows how Canadians think—and vote

Campaigns are no longer about persuading swing voters to like you. They are about motivating your supporters to turn out.
Loblaw President and Executive Chair Galen Weston

The Power List: Galen Weston is the country’s most powerful—and controversial—grocery mogul

While Canadians struggled to pay their weekly grocery bills, Weston has received heat for his astronomical wealth
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The Power List: Denis Villeneuve wants to save the silver screen

With his unique ability to meld mass appeal and uncompromising artistry, Villeneuve has the best chance of pulling it off
GM Canada President and Managing Director Marissa West

The Power List: Marissa West is helping Canada’s EV revolution

The feds are pumping billions into making Canada a nation of EV drivers. Marissa West is making it happen on an industrial scale.
TikTok creator Kris Collins, aka @KallMeKris

The Power List: Kris Collins, the former hairdresser with 48 million followers

To a large corner of the internet, Collins is Cameron Diaz meets Carol Burnett meets Amy Schumer
2. Ivan Zhang (Cofounder), Aidan Gomez (Cofounder, CEO), Nick Frosst (Cofounder) (3)

The Power List: Ivan Zhang, Aidan Gomez & Nick Frosst are creating a smarter, friendlier chatbot

AI leader Cohere springs from the brains of three young men who are fascinated by the questions natural language processing poses
Canadian Medical Association President Alika Lafontaine

The Power List: Alika Lafontaine is working to make life better for all doctors

Lafontaine’s ability to consider the greater whole was his biggest asset when he assumed the CMA’s top job