2015 federal election

Doug Ford

Doug Ford, Jagmeet Singh and the myth of the ’ethnic vote’

Both politicians have been cast as potential beneficiaries of outsized support from ethnic voters. The evidence suggests something different.
Ont NDP Announcement 20180317

’Change’ or just more of the same? It’s campaign slogan déjà vu.

QUIZ: The Ontario NDP is offering ’change for the better’. They’re not the first. Match these campaign taglines to the leader and election.
New federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh at Queen's Park in June 2017

Jagmeet Singh on his path to the prime minister’s office

The new NDP leader sees opportunity across the country to connect with voters and capitalize on some key Liberal errors
Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.06.39 AM

Takeaway from the NDP debrief: ’Keep building, keep dreaming.’

Instead of tough talk, an NDP session on the collapse of the 2015 campaign turned tame
Brian Mulroney

Mulroney: Liberals are rebuilding ’ferocious political machine’

An evening with Brian Mulroney brings a few jokes, a political warning—and gracious words for Justin Trudeau

The loneliness of a losing candidate

For years, Chungsen Leung worked hard for his constituents, and hoped to win their trust again. In the end, they chose someone else.

What happens in a hung Parliament

On May 2, 1985, the Conservatives won a provincial election. But the Liberals and NDP won more seats. Six weeks of negotiations followed.
FedElxn Conservatives 20150913

Do B.C. votes matter most?

Why British Columbians could decide their allegiances (and the election outcome) in the final hours of voting
France Google

Google tells us you still have election questions

Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a last-second guide to voting

Can Google predict who will win the election?

It’s possible that what we search for could be more indicative of how we’ll vote in elections than what we tell pollsters, but so far the evidence is mixed