24 Sussex

Number 10 and the impossibility of governing wisely

Paul Wells: From the U.K. to Canada to Australia, official residences are crumbling. What does that kind of government paralysis get you?

How the PM’s residence became a nightmare at 24 Sussex

Imagine living with asbestos, knob-and-tube wiring, a leaky roof. Anne Kingston explains why prime ministers make terrible tenants.

Full house: The zany antics of Trudeau and his landlord, the GG

When the GG is your landlord, even pizza night is constitutionally interesting. Scott Feschuk on the PM-designate’s living situation

You can go home again: Returning to 24 Sussex

Justin Trudeau is heading back to his boyhood home—one with memories of good times and tough

Photo gallery: In the cat room at 24 Sussex

Laureen Harper has fostered more than 200 cats for the Ottawa Humane Society. Visitors to the prime minister’s residence rarely leave empty handed.

This Old House: The sagging of 24 Sussex

Paul Wells on troubled houses — metaphorical and otherwise

The renovation debate at 24 Sussex

Repairs to the Prime Minister’s official residence come down to politics, not faulty plumbing


Halloween at 24 Sussex

Official video from the Prime Minister’s Twitter account. It’s not clear which cabinet minister is in the Super Mario costume.


Behind the music

From Brian D. Johnson’s profile of Bryan Adams, an anecdote about the rock star’s visit to 24 Sussex.


So what did I miss?

The crime rate is at its lowest since 1973, but prison spending is set to boom. Jason Kenney is chasing fraudulent immigrants and war criminals. John Baird went to China. And the Prime Minister refused to move out of 24 Sussex.


Harper won’t leave 24 Sussex despite “urgent” need for renovations

More than $10 million in repairs required on PM’s official residence


Bomb threat at 24 Sussex Drive

Police detain man for questioning