60-Second Challenge

Jagmeet Singh takes the 60-second challenge at Maclean's

Jagmeet Singh takes the Maclean’s 60-second challenge

Watch Jagmeet Singh take our 60-second challenge. Then on Feb. 6 at 7 pm watch him in conversation with Paul Wells at the NAC in Ottawa, broadcast live on Twitter. For more details go to Macleans.ca/Live.

James Daschuk takes the 60-Second Challenge (captioned)

The author of ’Clearing The Plains’ takes our rapid-fire test and admits Instagram is beyond his ken

Kirsty Duncan takes the 60-Second Challenge

On the sidelines of the last Liberal Party convention, Kirsty Duncan took the 60-Second Challenge. One highlight: "How do you like your steak? Vegetarian."

Adrienne Clarkson takes the 60-Second Challenge (captions)

The former governor-general takes our rapid-fire challenge (and quotes Tennyson)

Hugh Segal takes Maclean’s 60-Second Challenge

The former senator and current Master of Massey College takes our rapid-fire quiz
Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 10.03.22 PM

Charles Foran takes Maclean’s 60-Second Challenge

The writer and CEO of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship takes our rapid-fire test and fetes sunrises

Pratap Reddy takes the Maclean’s 60-Second Challenge

The author of ’Weather Permitting & Other Stories’ reveals his history of book clubs in our rapid-fire quiz
Michael Kronish (Photograph by Cole Burston)

VICE Media’s Michael Kronish takes the 60-Second Challenge

At our Concordia town hall on the future of education and jobs, we put VICE Media’s Michael Kronish in the hot seat—and asked him to answer rapid-fire questions.

Maxime Bernier takes the 60-Second Challenge

Conservative MP and leadership hopeful Maxime Bernier channels the eye of the tiger in our rapid-fire questions
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Robert Sopuck takes the 60-Second Challenge

The Conservative MP (and ’House of Cards’ lover) stands up to some rapid-fire grilling at the Tories’ convention