Living in the shadow of 9/11

Six extraordinary people reflect on how their worlds changed

Chris Nobrega, 2021 (Johnny C.Y. Lam for Maclean's; Mural photo: Getty Images)

An incomplete mission: For Chris Nobrega, no wars were won after 9/11

Over the past two decades, Nobrega has had a unique, occasionally jarring, view of a world in flux. Afghanistan was merely the first stage.

Hadia Essazada (Photograph by Farrah Skeiky; mural photograph: Wasim Mirzaie)

Post 9/11, young Afghans tasted peace. Now, Hadia Essazada is in exile.

When the Taliban fell after 9/11, Afghanistan entered a period of hope. For Essazada, it feels as if the Taliban have won again.

Shirley Brooks-Jones, 2021 (Photograph by Maddie McGarvey; Mural photograph: Courtesy of the town of Gander )

After being stranded on 9/11, Shirley Brooks-Jones gave back

Brooks-Jones started a fund for students in a small town in Newfoundland after a local Lions Club looked out for her—leading to lifelong friendships and Broadway

Brennan Basnicki with a photograph of his father, Ken, sand skiing.(Photograph by Lucy Lu)

After 9/11, Brennan Basnicki is living his father’s legacy

Basnicki sees his father Ken, whom he lost at 16 on 9/11, reflected in his life to this day: ‘Apparently, everything I do is similar to him,’ he says

David Adeeb Hassan, 2021 (Photograph by Carlos Osorio; Mural photo: Carlos Osorio/Reuters)

‘Hatred thrives when there is fear:’ What David Adeeb Hassan has learned since 9/11

‘We are as much a part of the fabric of this community as anyone. But people didn’t know this. So post-9/11, we opened our doors,’ says Hassan, the then-chairman of the London Muslim Mosque.

Brian Clark (Photograph by Spencer Platt/Getty Images; mural photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

9/11 ‘rolls like a movie’ in Brian Clark’s brain

He was on the 84th floor of the south tower. While 9/11 does not haunt Clark to the degree it does so many others, he lives in its shadow.

What it’s like to be All-American, Brown and Muslim after 9/11

‘There’s no memorial to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who died because of how the memory of 9/11 was used’

How we respond to mass death

With no more unknown victims of mass deaths, there’s now a struggle between personal grief and public memorials

Photo essay: From 9/11 to Afghanistan

Photojournalist Larry Towell’s goal? ‘I try to become the people I photograph.’

How the war on terror is killing America

In the 13 years since 9/11, the U.S. has become less free, more impoverished, more militarized and, worst of all, a country built on fear

My middle east

Is this your first war? Michael Petrou’s travels in Afghanistan

Maclean’s journalist describes fighting between the Taliban and the Afghan Northern Alliance, one month after 9/11