Mathur welcomes guests to a virtual Earth Day event (Photograph by Vanessa Tignanelli)

Sophia Mathur is one of Canada’s most high-profile climate activists. She’s also 14.

The teenager has trained with Gore, marched with Greta and won a few battles on behalf of the planet
Watt’s ‘before and after’ photos have drawn worldwide attention to old-growth logging in B.C. (TJ Watt)

Falling fast

Three decades after the so-called ‘War of the Woods,’ the logging of B.C.’s ancient forests goes on, prompting protest from a new generation of eco-activists
Despite endless political urgings for people to pull together, depression and anxiety are rampant (Go Nakamura/Getty Images)

Capitalism’s connection to our ever-worsening mental health

Andray Domise: Despite headlines constantly blaring that our standard of living is ever increasing, social stressors gnaw away at the foundations of our collective psyche

The left must stand against capitalism. Now.

Andray Domise: People who hold left-leaning ideals have to quit kidding themselves by believing that capitalism exists as a benevolent or even neutral social arrangement
KM explainer feature image

The Kinder Morgan pipeline debate, explained

Kinder Morgan’s 1,000-kilometre expansion project has become a national rallying cry for environmentalists, sparked protests from Indigenous communities, caused a trade war between two provinces and brought about the arrest of a federal party leader. Could this be the Standing Rock of the North?
Gord Downie

Gord Downie championed Indigenous rights. But did he make a difference?

‘Activism is not about embracing a famous person who makes an album about a situation. It’s about facing hard truths that may make you feel uncomfortable’
(Photo courtesy Janaya Khan)

“Activism is heart work”: How to resist without burnout

How do you stay motivated while sustaining movement? Janaya Khan shares her self-care practices and speaks with four seasoned activists about their own

The problem with #slacktivism

The latest trend of supporting causes through social media isn’t just useless—it’s making things worse

Armchair activists have rarely been so numerous—or powerful

From SeaWorld opposition to Chris Brown’s cancelled concerts, how amplified the act of protest
Auburn University

Campus activism is in the toilet (paper)

Students say low-quality loo roll has got to go