Adam Gopnik

How liberal democrats can save America, slowly but surely, from Trump

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Adam Gopnik’s memoir is part love story set in 1980s New York

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Stratford Festival's celebrity power

Stratford Festival’s celebrity power

Can Stephen Lewis, Colin Mochrie and Tommy guitar school reboot the indebted festival?


Calvin Trillin and Adam Gopnik on Canadian comestibles

The two writers talked bagels, smoked meat and ice wine while delighting a crowd of food lovers

Why hockey is the smartest game in the world

Why hockey is the smartest game in the world

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Michael Ignatieff v. Our idea of what Michael Ignatieff should be

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Let us now think deeply about Chris Osgood

Slapshot, the New York Times’ hockey blog, considers Michael Ignatieff’s hockey watching, as revealed in Adam Gopnik’s profile for the New Yorker.


Evolution evolving

Marx and Freud have faded badly, but Darwin still rules today