Michael Ignatieff v. Our idea of what Michael Ignatieff should be

Adam Radwanski adds several hundred more words to the debate over Michael Ignatieff’s relative existence.

Perhaps Canadians aren’t looking for a prime minister who’s going to try to find deeper meaning in federal policies. But if that’s the case, then Ignatieff’s pretty well out of luck. He’ll never be a terrific retail politician, in the mould of a Jean Chretien; even Stephen Harper, awkward though he can be, will always be better at delivering a simple message. If the Liberals were just looking for a guy who could deliver an effective sound bite, they could surely have found someone else.

Ignatieff’s promise has always been in his (potential) ability to rise above the fray, and to challenge us a little … adapting needn’t mean abandoning what impressed people about you in the first place.

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