affordable housing

I couldn’t find affordable student housing, so I settled for a mouldy basement.

“The basement was grimy and smelled like damp wood or a cottage shed in the middle of summer”

For minister Sean Fraser, immigration and housing are more than just numbers games

Ambitious new immigration targets and a country-wide housing squeeze have Canadians asking: where are we going to put everyone? That’s Fraser’s job to answer.

A group of workers striking with various signs

A wave of strikes has hit Canada. What does this say about our labour market? 

 “There is a cost of living crisis, there is a cost of housing crisis, there is a cost of food crisis”: A Q&A with labour expert Stephanie Ross

Why Canada might just need a tenant revolution 

A Q&A with housing researcher Ricardo Tranjan 

This woman saves $3,000 a month on rent living in a Vancouver co-op

“Nowadays, getting a spot in a Vancouver co-op is like winning the lottery”

(Illustration by Pete Ryan)

Why we need to tax million-dollar-home owners

To tackle the scourge of housing unaffordability, older, wealthier homeowners need to chip in

Are garden suites part of the housing crisis solution?

After Toronto joined the list of Canadian cities allowing for the secondary structures, many are left wondering how—and if—the suites can help address housing affordability

Ahmed Hussen has a plan to solve Canada’s housing crisis

The country’s housing minister explains why he still believes in the dream of affordable home ownership in Canada

How the Liberals can appeal to young people this election

Max Fawcett: A national tax on homes is actually a good idea, especially for young people who make up the largest voting group in 2019

Doug Ford reverses course on Greenbelt development, says he’ll maintain protected area

The Ontario PC leader had earlier claimed that developing the Greenbelt would help ease high real estate prices

Toronto and Vancouver have plenty of room to grow up and more affordable

Opinion: Canada’s largest cities are far less dense than their global counterparts. Increasing density can help ensure affordable housing for residents.

For many young Canadians, home won’t be a house

Canada is building fewer single-family homes and pricing young people out of their communities—the sort of housing inequality could take us down a dangerous path