Bombardier workers look at the CS300 aircraft after it was unveiled at a news conference at its assembly facility in Mirabel, Quebec

Actually, Quebec’s Bombardier bailout isn’t as crazy as it sounds

As taxpayer-funded gambles go, there have been riskier ones than Quebec’s flyer on the Bombardier CSeries jet
777 Factory Photos

The fuel-efficiant jet boom

As carriers park old fuel-guzzling jets, plane makers are battling to win sales and crush newcomers
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REVIEW: China Airborne

Book by James Fallows
On a wing and tip

When is a winglet a sharklet?

A patent dispute between Airbus and a Boeing ally centers around a fuel-saving device
Cockpit crisis

Cockpit crisis

In five years, over 50 commercial airplanes crashed in loss-of-control accidents. What’s going on?
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This week’s travel news

The Airline Pricing Obstacle Course, Boeing & Airbus Hear Footsteps As Competition Looms, and Water & Lights Show Is Next Step In Making Disneyland Grand
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Bombardier’s Big Gamble

Its new CSeries jet could launch it into the big leagues, or flop
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Six years later, Mulroney has yet to give us a convincing account of his deal with Schreiber. Can we really leave it at that?