airport security

Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER (C-GHLT)

Security gaps persist in U.S. airports, all these years after 9/11: reports

Two internal audits suggest persistent security flaws despite the now-familiar routine of shoeless passengers
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When airport security goes a mile too far

One very long delay at the airport
A passenger at Chicago?s O?Hare International reads a flyer with the new regulations on the items that are banned from carry-on luggage

18 human heads held up at Chicago airport customs

Heads appear to be ’legitimate medical specimens,’ says Homeland Security
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Bringing some sanity to airport security

The former head of U.S. airport security is calling for an end to the check-in nightmare
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Small scissors, eyeglass screwdrivers will be allowed on airplanes

Change means Canadian rules are consistent with those in U.S., Europe
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Brits stop Canadian from boarding plane with wee toy solider

$300 figurine “a threat to security”: Gatwick Airport
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Airport security forced 82-year-old to reveal prosthesis

Breast cancer survivor felt "humiliated"

You don’t protect freedom by confiscating it

Scanners and pat-downs are humiliating and counterproductive