Alberta election 2019

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Why Jason Kenney’s workaholic style may not work when he’s premier

Jason Markusoff’s Alberta Politics Insider for April 18: Dying on every hill, Kenney’s one-man Department of Micromanagement, and more

If Jason Kenney’s truck could run in an Alberta election, it just might win

Image of the Week: Critics mocked the blue Dodge Ram that Kenney used to signal his western bona fides. But he rode it to the last laugh on election night

A near-perfect call on the Alberta election

The vote projection prepared by for Maclean’s was 97.7 per cent accurate, missing just two seats. Here’s the breakdown.
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Alberta’s election, and the ugly politics in store for Canada

Jen Gerson: A vacuous, exhausting, divisive campaign where casting your opponents as bigots wasn’t enough to win.

Can Alberta stay conservative enough for Jason Kenney?

David Moscrop: The UCP leader made some big promises en route to victory. They may serve as a test for just how resilient the Blue advantage is in Alberta.
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Jason Kenney’s Alberta: Open war for business

Alberta voters embraced the UCP’s constant battle posture, but they may soon find it exhausting—and counterproductive

Jason Kenney and the UCP sweep to majority in Alberta election

Voters overlook ethical concerns about Kenney’s leadership run—and toxic remarks by his candidates—on belief he can turn around the province’s flagging economy
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It’s decision time in Alberta

Jason Markusoff’s Alberta Politics Newsletter for April 16: Doubting polls, the remote-ballot X-factor, and more
Jason Kenney, David Khan, Rachel Notley, Stephen Mandel

Alberta election 2019: Live results and riding-by-riding vote counts

Live, detailed results for Alberta’s 2019 provincial election

A new vote projection points to a solid UCP majority in Alberta

Data compiled for Maclean’s by suggests the UCP could win 58 seats despite the NDP picking up support in the last two weeks