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‘The Breakfast Club’ for wayward celebs

Rob Ford, A-Rod, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan and Anthony Weiner reflect on their actions


Kelly Clarkson’s slapped hand, a billionaire wedding and Paul Bernardo’s bid for medium security
Sask Unruly Passenger

Newsmakers of the week

Glenn Beck’s new shill, a star turn for a senator’s spouse, and an MP stands up for shark fin soup
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Prescription for trouble

How an A-list doctor, whose patients include Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez, wound up on the wrong side of the law
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Newsmakers ’09: Mergers

The year’s biggest mergers
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Maclean’s Interview: Kirk Radomski

Baseball’s most prolific drug dealer, Kirk Radomski, speaks to Michael Friscolanti about anabolics, absolution and A-Rod
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How steroids saved baseball

With steroids out of the game, it might get a bit boring
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What’s a guy have to do these days to lose endorsement deals?

Casual drug use is no longer universally frowned upon by marketers
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Apologetic A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez is sorry he got caught