Aliens in 2020: Why not?

Marie-Danielle Smith: In a year that has already seen historic fires, deadly pandemics, economic crisis and locust swarms, let’s not rule anything out

Speaking of kids’ shows...

It’s hard not to root a little for a show that is an old-fashioned, high-concept fantasy comedy

Raelians announce support for the CLASSE

Alien-believing sect sees common goals with student protesters
When Mars really attacks

When Mars really attacks

How would Americans handle an alien invasion in this time of partisan rancour?
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Five possible Earth-like planets found

Planets may support liquid water, and therefore life

The Commons: What alien hordes may come

Can we really be content to spend only $16-billion on fighter jets?
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We’re all that an alien species would want

Who needs the Security Council? There’s a much bigger job for Canada out there.
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UFOS and the U.S. Air force

Alien interference
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Aliens like us? I don’t think so.

Whether alien culture resembles our own depends on one big question: do they have sex?