Alykhan Velshi

CPAC at 20

CPAC celebrated their 20th anniversary in the East Block courtyard.


That was quick

Ethical Oil has already turned yesterday’s QP exchange into an attack ad.


Where are they now?

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has hired Howard Anglin as his chief of staff.

Top Tory staffer says goodbye

Jamie Ellerton (below), longtime aide to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney held his goodbye party at The Buzz in Ottawa. Ellerton, one of the Tories’ top staffers, is now the executive assistant to Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak.


‘The minister’s signature isn’t on any decision note or anywhere else’

Jason Kenney denies involvement in removing references to same-sex marriage and gay rights from the citizenship guide.


Jason Kenney’s bold stand against anti-Semitism, which he denies having taken

Our old friend Chris Selley keeps asking embarrassing questions from his perch at the National Post. This time it’s: How come Ezra Levant is so proud of the bold, courageous, makes-a-guy-proud-to-be-Conservative stance against anti-Semitism and anti-Israel-ism that Jason Kenney took by defunding an ecumenical group called Kairos — when Jason Kenney denies that the government’s decision to cut funding to Kairos had anything to do with its stance on Israel?


Look who crashed the NDP Christmas party

MP Nathan Cullen (right) and MP Glenn Thibeault with half moustaches.


No comment (III)

Really, seriously, Jason Kenney can’t comment. To do so would improperly politicize the situation and we can’t have that. Surely everyone can agree on at least that much.


InfandousWatch: Freedom of speech includes the freedom to use long words

Jason Kenney’s comms director sets the world afire with his vocabulary.

Two leaders at Press Gallery dinner and no speeches

Only two party leaders—Jack Layton and Elizabeth May—showed up at the 2008 Press Gallery dinner this year. Neither gave a speech. Layton attended with his MP wife, Olivia Chow below.


Liberal MP Justin Trudeau with May.

Trudeau and Tory Labour Minister Rona Ambrose.

NDP MP Niki Ashton (left) with Susan Riley, an Ottawa Citizen columnist.

Riley with Ambrose.

Transsexual artist/writer Nina Arsenault (left) with NDP MP Libby Davies.

The CBC’s Rick Mercer asked Arsenault why she doesn’t accept his Facebook friend requests. Arsenault gets up to 500 requests a day and looks only at the first 100. She added him on the spot at the dinner.

Arsenault with Alykhan Velshi, an aide to Immigartion Minister Jason Kenney, and Krista Erickson, a reporter with the CBC.

Thomas Mulcair, the NDP’s deputy leader.