Andrew Saxton

The Auditor General and the $3.1 billion

Some of what the AG told the Public Accounts committee

A chance to improve the Parliamentary Budget Officer

The House debates Thomas Mulcair’s proposal

The PBO debate

The House considers the future of the budget officer

Photo Gallery: The Speaker’s Robbie Burns Dinner

Mitchel Raphael takes in the Speaker’s second annual celebration of the Scottish bard


The farce is strong in these ones

Among the Conservaties who stood in the House this week and criticized the NDP’s stance on cap-and-trade were Kyle Seeback, Peter Van Loan, Gord Brown, Leon Benoit, Shelly Glover, Chris Warkentin, LaVar Payne, Gerry Ritz, Pierre Poilievre, Christian Paradis, Rick Dykstra, Randy Hoback, Pierre Lemieux, Ed Fast, Tony Clement and Andrew Saxton. These individuals—like Phil McColeman, Joe Preston and Ed Holder, who attacked the NDP last week—were all Conservative candidates in 2008 when the Conservative party platform included a commitment to pursue a continental cap-and-trade system.

The Commons: The joke is on you, Canada

Aaron Wherry on the first day back


‘Canadians are well served by the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer’

It is probably worth noting that, while the government operations committee has recommended further study of whether or not to make the Parliamentary Budget Officer a full officer of Parliament, a private member’s bill that would make that change already exists: C-381, tabled last December by Peggy Nash. That bill was actually first tabled by Paul Dewar in 2010 and, while it never came up for a vote, the Conservatives said they supported passing the bill at second reading so it could be studied at committee.


No need to keep studying the F-35?

The work of the parliamentary committee studying the F-35 procurement is apparently done. At least so far as the Conservative members of the committee are concerned. Here was Conservative MP Andrew Saxton’s explanation yesterday.

The Commons: Thinking about preparing to get ready to plan to study the F-35

Scenes from an emergency meeting of the standing committee on public accounts


Who gets held to account

Liberal MP Gerry Byrne alleges Conservative MP Andrew Saxton is trying to ensure senior departmental officials don’t testify during committee hearings into the Auditor General’s F-35 findings.


The Commons: This is a crucial time, apparently

So why all the talk about neck ties?


Apropos of nothing

Excluding those born outside Canada, the following Conservative MPs have lived, studied or worked outside the country.