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Animal and climate activists are merging—and for good reason

Opinion: Mounting concern for both the treatment of animals on Canadian farms and the environmental harms caused by animal agriculture is fuelling an increase in activism

The elephant in the room for the animal rights movement

The killing of the gorilla Harambe is sad. But in choosing between its life and that of a human child, the choice was obvious
An elephant act at a Bertram Mills Circus performance. 19th December 1958.

The circus elephant takes a final bow

From 2016: After a long battle with animal rights groups, the era of the circus elephant is coming to a bitter close

What kind of fur? People who buy $100 toques don’t care.

For animal rights activists, the Kit and Ace pom-pom investigation comes balled up with questions of cruelty, labelling laws and social responsibility.

The shame of zoos

Barbara Amiel on the slums no one is talking about
Food And Farm Mad Cow

Big Food companies rush to rejig recipes

Consumers increasingly demand meals that are not only healthier, but more ’natural’
cows rotator

France and Quebec’s artificial controversy over halal meat

The lands of foie gras and puppy mills are suddenly horrified by animal slaughter
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Why whales and dolphins should qualify as ’non-human people’

They can understand numbers and abstract concepts and have their own distinct culture and traditions
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Medicine without animal research

Controversy over UBC experiments on monkeys