Len and Cub: A secret love

Len Keith and Cub Coates fell for each other in early 20th-century New Brunswick, at a time and place where queer relationships were taboo. Their story was almost lost forever—until a collection of tender photographs brought their romance into the light.

From 1924: With a vagabond around Vimy

Seven years ago this month the Canadians captured Vimy Ridge. What does this famous hill look like to-day?

Digitizing the Maclean’s archives: Here’s where you come in

We’re seeking your old issues of our magazine

How to get along with the in-laws

A psychologist delivers some useful containment strategies


Bill of treason from Upper Canada Rebellion found at McMaster University

Uprising was led by William Lyon Mackenzie, journalist and first Toronto mayor

Oscar’s flunkies

Why do the Academy Awards keep tapping TV personalities to host an evening that honours movie stars?

‘When I run’: Justin Trudeau considers politics

The moment Trudeau’s political career became a question of when, not if

The 1986 Swift Current Broncos bus crash: Of tragedy and triumph

From March 1987: Exactly 75 days after a horrific bus crash killed four of their teammates, the Swift Current Broncos took to the ice to claim a spot in the Western Hockey League playoffs

Decorate for Valentine’s Day—like it’s 1932

Daintiness and charm should carry the day, with a little help from heart-shaped gelantin molds


Must all nations lose independence?

In this article written just five months before the end of WW1, H.G. Wells argues that all empires and nations must cease to exist.