Arctic sovereignty

Putin, right, visiting the bridge of the newly built icebreaker Viktor Chernomyrdin in St. Petersburg, Russia, in November. Russia is rapidly expanding its fleet of icebreakers as it expands its reach in the Arctic. (Alexei Nikolsky, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

Winter is coming to Canada’s North. Vladimir Putin will make sure of it.

Marcus Kolga: Russia’s latest seabed claim reaches right to Canada’s Arctic doorstep—an intimidating gesture that critics like Garry Kasparov urge Ottawa to stand up to
Coast Guard Icebreakers 20181218

The N.W.T. premier has a sweeping vision for Canada’s North. Is he dreaming?

A full-service military base, a floating university and icebreakers galore are among Bob McLeod’s ideas for asserting Canada’s shaky sovereignty in the Arctic
Arctic Ice

The Canadian North is the least defended territory on earth

Never mind the Amazon, or even the Antarctic. Northern Canada is the global epitome of undefended territory.

David Miller: Why conservation needs to be king

In conversation with David Miller, the former Toronto mayor and current WWF-Canada CEO, about troubling new statistics and more

Canada and Russia battle for the Arctic

A hot fight over one of the coldest places on earth

Frozen out of Arctic shipping

The Northwest Passage may be opening, but will it really be the next global trade route?
Why the world wants the Arctic

Why everyone wants a piece of the Arctic

In temperature and politics, the Arctic has never been hotter. As other nations try to get in on the action, Canada is gearing up for a fight.