Argentina’s soccer gift—and economic curse

Argentina’s World Cup loss was agonizing–but now the country must face up to its problems off the pitch

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The price is wrong

The price is wrong in Argentina

Inflation has stoked paranoia, a black-market peso and, for a lucky few, some great deals


Former Argentinian dictator sentenced to 50 years for baby-stealing

Former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla was sentenced to 50 years in an Argentine prison yesterday. He was convicted for a his role in a government program which oversaw the kidnapping of babies from political prisoners during the military junta’s “dirty war.” Argentina’s last dictator, Reynaldo Bignone, also was also convicted and got 15 years. Both men are already serving life sentences for other crimes against humanity.


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Nationalization of oil companies will earn points on the home front, but at what cost?


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Kirchner’s triumph amid pain

Widowhood hasn’t been all bad for Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner


Kirchner re-elected in Argentina

Incumbent president captures over 50 per cent of the vote


Playing safe

The Rugby World Cup is bringing plenty of men behaving badly to New Zealand


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Canada and U.S. look to ease border restrictions, while the RCMP’s top job is once again open


Will Cristina run again?

With her popular husband’s sudden death, the Argentine president’s political future is in doubt