A black and white photo of a man sitting backwards on a wooden chair, his hands resting on his crossed arms which lie on the cahir back.

I’m a Canadian actor on the SAG-AFTRA picket line. Here’s why I’m striking.

“The other side thinks they have the upper hand, but what they’re not taking into consideration is the tenacity of human nature, of the human soul”

I’ve been battling Indigenous art fraud for 30 years. It’s only getting worse.

Jason Hunt comes from a long line of renowned First Nations artists whose works and livelihoods are being undermined by fraudulent reproductions of their work

(Photography by William Ukoh)

How Siphesihle November is shaking up ballet

November is bringing a South African flair to the National Ballet of Canada

(Photography by Vanessa Heins)

What do you do when your mother is Miriam Toews?

Debut novelist Georgia Toews is carving her own literary path, with some sage advice from her celebrated parent

(Photograph by Jimmy Fontaine)

Faouzia could be Gen Z’s next big pop star

The Moroccan-Canadian singer built a huge fan base and netted a Juno nomination—without even releasing an album

The festival purchased its very own woodlot in Tobermory to mill birch slats for the stage. (Photography by doublespace photography)

Inside the Stratford Festival’s $72-million theatre makeover

This summer—after years of delays—the show will finally go on at Stratford’s immaculately redesigned Tom Patterson Theatre

This Winnipeg art gallery is a monument to Inuit culture

Qaumajuq is not just an art gallery or a stylish feat of architecture. It’s much more.

Artist Stan Douglas is representing Canada at the Venice Biennale

Vancouver artist Stan Douglas is Canada’s first ever Black representative at the prestigious exhibition

Meet the muses behind Robert Munsch’s most iconic stories

They were the kids who inspired some of the legendary author’s best-loved stories. Now, they’re all grown up.

Diaz stars as Bing in "Scarborough" (Courtesy of Touchwood PR)

A tender moment of truth in the coming-of-age film ‘Scarborough’

In a pivotal scene in this film adaptation, a young singer—struggling with his sexuality and nervous about opening up to his conservative Filipino family—finally gains the confidence to perform in front of his entire school

Dion during her performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Feb. 28, 2020 (Nina Westervelt/The New York Times/Redux Pictures)

Why Céline Dion is what we all need right now

Canada’s beloved pop star is the emotional defibrillator for this exact moment. And we’ve never needed her more.

Coming to a theatre near you: The world’s greatest museums

The latest thing in cinema might also be the oldest thing: Stunning all-access tours of galleries and museums