Cheering the demise of asbestos

Conservative MP Patricia Davidson, one of those Conservatives who dissented from the party line on asbestos, cheers this afternoon’s announcement.

Harper v. The Judges

Harper vs. the PQ: the element of surprise is key

Ten days after Quebecers elected a Parti Québécois government, the government of Stephen Harper began implementing its response today. The key elements:


Abandoning asbestos

A little less than a year ago, the House voted on an NDP motion that called on the Harper government to support the listing of asbestos as a hazardous chemical product under the Rotterdam Convention and provide measures to assist the transition of workers in the asbestos industry. The motion was defeated with the vast majority of Conservatives voting against.

This year’s most outrageous attacks on science

Julia Belluz reviews the worst health myths of 2011, and her new year’s resolutions


Too disunited to govern?

The Canadian Press finds increasing unease among Conservative MPs about the government’s support for asbestos.


The House stands with asbestos

By a vote of 152-123 this evening the House defeated the NDP’s motion on asbestos. The New Democrats, Liberals and Elizabeth May voted in favour, the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois voted against.


The House will pass judgment on asbestos

This evening the House of Commons will vote on the following NDP motion.


‘That’s their choice’

A few weeks after a group of doctors and medical professionals called on Conservative MP Kellie Leitch to renounce her government’s position on asbestos, a group of individuals who’ve lost loved ones to asbestos-related illness are calling on Ms. Leitch to choose between politics and her medical license. When she spoke to the Barrie Advance earlier this month, she seemed unpersuaded by the controversy.


The asbestos shame

Last week, doctors wrote to Conservative MP Kellie Leitch, imploring her to uphold her obligation as a doctor. Yesterday, the Canadian Medical Association passed a motion condemning the government’s refusal to acknowledge asbestos as a hazardous substance.

Tories stifle widow through IP laws, twirl moustaches, cackle

The Conservative party picks an ill-advisded fight against a sympathetic anti-asbetos crusader


Conservatives threaten to sue asbestos widow

Michaela Keyserlingk used Conservative logo in anti-asbestos campaign


‘Breathe different’

Tabatha Southey tries to help rebrand Asbestos.