(Courtesy of NASA MSFC David Higginbotham)

What the world’s most powerful telescope is teaching us about the universe

The James Webb telescope is allowing astronomers to time-travel into our deep, dark past

Kunimoto’s method of poring through data could help us find proof of extraterrestrial life (Photograph by Alana Paterson)

This young Canadian scientist has found 21 new planets—and counting

Inspired by Star Trek to pursue astronomy, 26-year-old Michelle Kunimoto is one of the whip-smart young scientists who just might help us find the first evidence of extraterrestrial life

Total lunar eclipse 2018: Watch live video here

The longest lunar eclipse in the last 100 years won’t be visible to Canadians, but you can watch it here

2018 Planet Parade: When and where to watch as five planets light up the night sky

Starting March 7 the five brightest planets—Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn—will be present for viewing in Canada

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: Watch live video of the rare lunar eclipse here

Western Canada will enjoy the clearest view of this rare astronomical event. Everyone else can watch the livestream right here.

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: Here’s when, where and how to watch it

Get ready for a lunar eclipse, a supermoon and a blue (blood) moon in unison—such an occurrence hasn’t happened in more than a century

The religiousness of science: Pictures of how we see the universe

A magnificent book presents visualizations of the sky, and the universe beyond, created over 4,000 years

Astronomers go planet hunting

From the archives: New research suggests our galaxy alone may be filled with billions of planets—literally

Podcast: Hunting for planets

Astronomers how think our galaxy is filled with billions of planets. Kate Lunau on the Biggest Discovery Ever

UWO cameras capture meteor’s fall east of Toronto

Researchers say meteorites fell over Selwyn, Ont.

Good news

Good news, bad news: Sept. 15-22

B.C. salmon are radiation-free, RCMP officers get off scot-free for tasering a child


10-year-old from New Brunswick discovers supernova

Kathryn Aurora Gray’s father once held record as youngest discoverer