At Issue

House of unfortunate repute

What’s left to say about the tragedy of the Commons?


Let’s all fret about our democracy (and the monarchy)

The At Issue panel takes viewer questions.


Grandma, Uncle Frank and Peter Mansbridge

CBC tackles the big questions of 2011 with an exclusive panel made up of my relatives


In review

The At Issue panel reviewed the parliamentary season last night with their traditional handing out of honours and dishonours. Video is here.


The Commons: Who is this man?

Six months in, Michael Ignatieff remains a subject of some confusion



On last week’s At Issue panel, we pondered whether federal politics had entered “a post-partisan era.” It’s only been a few days, but I think we can safely say the answer is no.


BTC: ‘It wouldn’t be the end of the world’

As Kady reports, UBC’s Michael Byers is aiming to be the next NDP candidate in Vancouver Centre. And as Paul coyly notes, the professor once said something rather surprising about the threat of a terrorist attack on Toronto.