In review

The At Issue panel reviewed the parliamentary season last night with their traditional handing out of honours and dishonours. Video is here.

My picks, not that anyone asked, after the jump.

Most underrated. Peter MacKay. Overrated, then dismissed, now taken for granted.

Most overrated. Thomas Mulcair. Chantal Hebert had a fantastic observation about him awhile back: if the NDP want him to be the next leader, they best hurry up because he might not have a seat after the next election.

Most shamelessly exploited issue. The economy.

Most under-reported event. Parliament and the thousands upon thousands of words that are spoken out loud there each day.

Best political play. The coalition. Setting aside everything about it, it was a remarkable idea.

Worst political play. The fall economic update. Rather unnecessary.

Next election. Fall 2009.