A youth-driven movement remakes Attawapiskat

One year after a suicide crisis made national headlines, the remote community’s young people are fighting back

Attawapiskat: Re-examining a community through photos

David Maurice Smith, who takes over our Instagram account, went to Attawapiskat to see a town largely known through crisis

‘Communities like Attawapiskat need more than short-term fixes’

For the record: A statement from Carolyn Bennett and Charlie Angus after their visit to Attawapiskat

Is Chretien’s Attawapiskat suggestion an antagonistic one?

The ex-PM suggested remote communities like Attawapiskat are economically unviable, and residents may have to move

Transcript: The House of Commons’ emergency Attawapiskat debate

Highlights and a full transcript of the House of Commons’ discussion on how to help Indigenous communities

The unasked question about Attawapiskat

Attawapiskat isn’t a hopeless slum because we haven’t been paying enough attention, says Scott Gilmore. It’s because of its location and its infrastructure.

The true tragedy of Attawapiskat

Award-winning author Joseph Boyden reflects on his love for places like Attawapiskat, and the desperate need for investment and education

Watch live: House of Commons debates situation in Attawapiskat

At the request of NDP MP Charlie Angus, the House is debating the state of emergency in Attawapiskat

The bravery and the tragedy of Shannen Koostachin

She inspired a film, and even a DC Comics hero. An excerpt of MP Charlie Angus’ new book about the 13-year-old who helped launch a national campaign.

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Public battles waged by Madonna, Jim Carrey and the Brothers Ford

Maclean’s Live: Press conference on Theresa Spence

Attawapiskat chief in hospital after ending hunger protest


An end to Theresa Spence’s protest?

Three separate reports this morning that Chief Theresa Spence’s protest could be nearing an end.