Aurora shooting


Guns, crime and stats in the U.S.

‘Going postal’ is the tip of the iceberg. The larger problem lies beneath the surface

Newtown shooting: Gun control at last?

Or is today, asks Emma Teitel, pretty much the only time American politicians will be willing to touch the topic?


A summer of gun violence

Eaton Centre, Aurora, Danzig St., Wisconsin, New York. We tell each story in photos.

The arms race no one is talking about

Gun control isn’t about fulfilling a utopian fantasy, an all-or-none sum game. It’s about harm reduction.


Colorado shooter formally charged

James Holmes, the alleged Aurora movie theatre shooter, was formally charged Monday with 142 criminal counts, reports The New York Times.


Woman wounded in Colorado shooting miscarries

A pregnant mother who was shot in the Colorado shootings, and lost her daughter in the massacre, miscarried on Saturday.


Colorado attack detailed in notebook sent to psychiatrist

The Colorado shootings are looking more and more premeditated. A notebook from alleged Aurora shooter James Holmer was sent to a Colorado psychiatrist, detailing his plan of attack in the movie theatre. It wasn’t found until three days after the murders.

Five things learned about James Holmes from his court appearance

When James Holmes allegedly opened fire on innocent movie watchers last Friday, killing 12 and wounding 58, people wondered what could lead a person to do such a thing. Holmes was put into solitary confinement over the weekend and this morning stood in front of a court, and cameras, for the first time since the shootings.

Aurora shooting sparks ignorant responses online

Assumptions, agendas, insensitivity, and idiocy were all in evidence on this difficult day.