Litoria mira (Courtesy of Steve Richards/South Australian Museum)

Harry Potter’s chocolate frog—but in real life

Meet a recently identified tree frog with a Harry Potter spin
Keddy checks a map at a spot south of Mount Terrible (Layton Keddy)

Into the bush

Layton Keddy got on his bicycle and disappeared into the Australian wilderness, assuming he wouldn’t be missed. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Canadians are on the front lines of Australia’s ’mega-mega’ wildfires

Mirrors melt on trucks, wind whips up from nowhere, fires create their own weather systems. Inside the firefighters’ terrifying battle against the wildfires, and the Canadians helping along the way.
Bushfires Continue To Burn On Kangaroo Island As Army Reserve Arrives To Assist Clean Up Operations

Those who suffer most from climate change did the least to cause it

Denise Balkissoon: One billion animals have died in Australia’s fires, while those who are truly responsible continue to make a profit as the planet burns

Study in Australia: A guide for Canadian students

How to obtain a visa, how much it will cost and where to study
The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Australia – Day 4

Six reasons why Meghan Markle is just like us

Even if she does live in a palace with a prince who’s the grandson of the Queen, Meghan’s carving out a role as a royal with a regular side

Harry and Meghan’s first big royal tour: Here’s what you need to know

The royal couple will travel more than 50,000 km and complete 76 official engagements as they work their way from Sydney to Suva to Rotorua
Doug Ford is sworn in as the 26th Premier of Ontario by The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario,

Doug Ford’s notwithstanding decision is a symptom of a problem with Canada’s democracy

Opinion: When Canada’s uniquely powerful majority governments punt the political football to the courts, they do so at the risk of making some voters feel helpless
Hay Festival – Day 4

Why robber barons and the working poor are back with a vengeance

The Booker-nominated Tim Winton also explains the ’cousinly warmth’ he feels toward Canadians
Peter Carey

Peter Carey’s new novel grapples with Australia’s legacy of racism

“A Long Way from Home” delves into the crimes that built a continent, and how to move forward: “Guilt is such a wrong word. The useful word is, I think, responsibility.”