Auto Sales June 20180704

What will happen if Trump slaps a 25 per cent tariff on Canadian-made cars?

It would be ’pretty disastrous’ for this country, say experts. But Americans would pay a steep price, too.
Das auto giant

Das auto giant

Volkswagen is on track to become the world’s biggest automaker by volume
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State of the anti-union

Automakers are flooding to the Deep South for cheap, union-free labour
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America’s next automaker?

Rising oil prices could boost Tesla’s place in the market
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Losing Civic pride

Following weak sales, Honda will no longer offer its iconic Civic in Japan
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Toyota’s trouble child

After a hot start, the now sputtering Scion brand is trying to win over young buyers all over again
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The slow birth of the electric car

Tesla is releasing the Model S into a market that isn’t ditching gas anytime soon

And then there were two?

What Chrysler’s departure would mean for the Canadian auto industry