B.C. election 2017

Peter Milliken

How the B.C. Speaker should manage a messy House

Advice from former Commons Speaker Peter Milliken, who knows a thing or two about handling hung parliaments
TRAVEL Log Legislature 20170522

Why British Columbia should hold another election—right away

With drama over the Speaker’s chair, it’s clear this B.C. legislature is doomed—so let’s get on with sorting it out at the ballot box

Why the B.C. Liberals should suck it up and offer a Speaker

Voters have decided how they want the assembly divided. Why undermine the tradition of a non-partisan Speaker?

A brave new world of policy in British Columbia 

With the NDP and Greens set to defeat Christy Clark when the legislature sits in June, B.C. prepares for a major legislative shakeup
Kinder Morgan NEB 20160111

On pipelines, Horgan and Weaver can do little but posture

If anyone blocks the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, it will be Indigenous and environmental groups equipped with court writs

NDP-Green pact lowers curtain on B.C. Liberal reign

A whirlwind of wheeling, dealing and cruel politicking puts an end to the Liberals’ 16-year run. They have no one to blame but themselves.
BC NDP leader John Horgan; BC Liberal leader Christy Clark; BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver

What happens next in B.C.

The Greens and NDP now have a window to change the government of B.C.—but it’s about to slam shut.
A cargo ship passes under Lions Gate Bridge into the Port of Vancouver

What has become of my British Columbia?

How did British Columbia go from the stewardship of Amor de Cosmos, asks Hadani Ditmars, to Vancouver becoming an emptying hedge city?
Andrew Weaver, Adam Olsen

Why the B.C. Green Party should be wary of a coalition

Andrew Weaver could be a kingmaker in British Columbia. But history and politics suggest that could be a poisoned chalice.
Andrew Weaver

In B.C., the Green Party’s power buds

With newfound leverage, the Greens could push for concessions on electoral reform, Site C, Kinder Morgan and big money