Zdarsky, a.k.a. Steve Murray, has worked as an illustrator for national newspapers. He co-created the lauded (and banned) comic book series Sex Criminals.

Meet the Canadian bringing Batman into a new era

As the new lead writer for Batman, Chip Zdarsky wants to explore the superhero’s weaknesses 
Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

What happened to Batman as a do-gooding doofus?

How a superhero meant for kids led a revolution in comic-book movies

Hollywood banks on profitable superhero universes

Studios with colliding worlds brace themselves for the ultimate showdown in 2015
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is the smirking Batman

No one seems right for the part until they put on the bat suit
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Joker e-mail isn’t funny

This stunt was a sick joke at best

Aurora shooting sparks ignorant responses online

Assumptions, agendas, insensitivity, and idiocy were all in evidence on this difficult day.
Colorado Shooting

At least 12 die in Colorado cinema massacre

Suspect identified as James Holmes of North Aurora, Colorado
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The 16 nerdiest sights of FanExpo

From closed-casket coffin rides to cross-dressing superhero buffs, the 2010 FanExpo is a mosaic of weird
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Entertainment Edition:

The season’s golden girls, bad boys, and red-carpet rebels
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Look, I’m a sexy straight shooter

Me? Not fit to be Sexiest Man Alive? The elites are just hung up on my 30 lb. of belly fat.