Bill C-10

Guilbeault speaks with the media in the foyer of the House of Commons on Feb. 3, 2020 (CP/Adrian Wyld)

The real consequences of Steven Guilbeault’s battle with the web giants

Michael Geist: Below the surface of the Liberal government’s effort to crack down on big tech lies an even bigger threat—the implications for free speech in Canada
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Nunavut fears crime bill will overwhelm jails

Bill C-10 will likely fill Nunavut’s Rankin Inlet prison, built to house 40 offenders, immediately after it opens this fall
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Bill C-10’s first test may involve Americans kidnapped 30 years ago

The Tory crime bill will allow lawsuits to be brought against countries that engage in and support terrorism, like Hezbollah in Lebanon

Prison is so passé

Why isn’t Canada embracing tracking technologies rather than lockups?