Cat in the grass

Margaret Atwood’s first graphic novel tackles a cat problem

With her first graphic novel, Margaret Atwood is just one author considering the role of free-roaming cats in bird deaths
A crow drinks water from a tap on a hot day in Chandigarh

Don’t call them bird brains

Some species are smarter than five-year-old kids
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In Burlington, a bird-brained lawsuit

Woman sues hydro company over traumatizing "bird strike"
The Canadian invasion

The Canadian invasion

Hoardes of geese are tarnishing Canada’s name south of the border
This one's for the birds

This one’s for the birds

A court case, aimed at protecting migratory birds from reflective office towers, could prove precedent-setting
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Dozens of dead birds found on Swedish street

Veterinarians suspect disease or poisoning
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Killer birds, dropping dead

Falcons vs. fungus: An airborne mould is killing gyrfalcons, a favourite of Arab sheiks