Maurice Chiasson

The painful (and costly) lessons I learned from a cryptocurrency scandal

The death of QuadrigaCX’s owner has left 115,000 investors without access to their funds. I’m one of them.

Canada is plagued by Bitcoin ransoms—and there’s no help in sight

Governments, corporate giants and individual Canadians have quietly paid tens of thousands to perpetrators of a fast-spreading new cybercrime. Here’s how one small Ontario town got burned.

When manias subside, there is always Pitbull

Wealth Expo sales fever endures even as housing, Bitcoin and cannabis stocks slide
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From mining to buying, Joe Castaldo answers five of the most googled questions about Bitcoin in under five minutes.

My personal Bitcoin nightmare

An accidental investor battles to cash out his one and only Bitcoin
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10 things you need to know about Bitcoin

If you have a gambler’s taste for risk and reward, here are ten things you need to know about Bitcoin before taking the plunge
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Cryptocurrency explained by gold-buyer Russell Oliver a.k.a the Cash Man

Russell Oliver, a.k.a the Cash Man, takes a break from his stacks of gold and bills to explain Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies heating up the market.

From Microsoft to Google to Nokia, it’s Big Tech reporting season

Jan 26: Microsoft kicks off a week of tech business news, plus, the aftermath of the Greek election, and the first bitcoin exchange
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The Bitcoin had two faces

Colby Cosh on the true identity of the inventor of Bitcoin

What the Bitcoin theft might look like in the real world

Would a US$74.5 billion theft bring down the Greenback?