The outliers of Canadian media

Christina Gonzales: The reporting of Trudeau’s blackface shed light on one of Canada’s biggest diversity challenges—there aren’t enough people of colour in journalism

Which party will address systemic racism in Canada?

Ritika Goel: Let’s stop talking about whether Justin Trudeau is racist and examine the policy platforms of each party instead

The blackface photos jolted voters, but maybe only temporarily

In a new poll, Ekos finds the Liberals at first lost a lot of votes, then started to gradually gain them back

Justin Trudeau performs a very fine balance

Election Image of the Day: How do you campaign while dogged by a blackface scandal? No questions. No speeches. Just the occasional circus trick.

Justin Trudeau and the antiracism trap

Sarmishta Subramanian: If inequality and a fair chance for all are our underlying concerns, the uproar about Trudeau’s brownface photos is just a sideshow

The ’annoyances and insults’ of blackface in Canada—in 1841

From the very beginning in the 1840s, black citizens in Toronto fought to shut down performances by blackface clowns, and their efforts are well documented

Justin Trudeau’s incredibly forgiving base of believers

Election Image of the Day: Visible minority supporters are deflecting a lot of the heat on the Liberal leader over his blackface escapades

Harjit Sajjan on why he accepts Trudeau’s apology for wearing blackface

The defence minister says he’s ’seen a lot of lip service,’ and after their ’meaningful’ talk, can tell that Trudeau is sorry about the blackface incidents

The history of blackface that Justin Trudeau is contending with

Andray Domise: It isn’t just mockery or having fun at the expense of offended minorities. It is the continuance of a white supremacist tradition.

Jagmeet Singh’s moment. Andrew Scheer’s opportunity.

Stephen Maher: If the momentum shifts, the NDP will suddenly be competitive in urban seats, while Tories can hope for the splits they need in the suburbs