Blake Richards

A rookie minister finds herself in a minor furor

Maryam Monsef, the rookie minister for democratic institutions, faces opposition indignation in her second question period

A user’s guide to secretly recording an MP

The 2015 election is going to be ever so much fun

How much does Justin Trudeau’s personal wealth matter?

Thomas Mulcair joins the Conservatives in questioning Trudeau’s economic status

Tolerating civil disobedience

In a pair of blog posts, Brent Rathgeber explains his concerns with some of the tactics used by Idle No More protesters.


The Commons: Happily outraged

The Scene. Oh how happy Conservatives must’ve been made last night to read the inflammatory remarks of Liberal MP David McGuinty. Oh how giddy they must’ve been at the prospect of hanging this one on the Liberal side. One presumes several backbenchers could barely sleep, so anxious to get on with today’s festival of shame.


Beneath the mask bill

Last week, Blake Richards’ bill on wearing a mask in an unlawful assembly passed the House. Irwin Cotler explains why it’s unnecessary at best, unconstitutional at best.


The Commons: Jim Flaherty challenges everyone to a reading contest

The Scene. Thomas Mulcair agreed with Stephen Harper. Just not now. Or at least not the version of Stephen Harper that was now in front of the NDP leader.

The Commons: The joke is on you, Canada

Aaron Wherry on the first day back

Anti-mask legislation defies logic

Gut reaction is a dangerous way to make a law. It has a tendency to catch hapless bystanders in its dragnet


You remain free to move about the House

Private Members’ Bill C-306, which would have forced MPs to run in a by-election before switching party allegiance, was defeated last night by a count 181-91.


See the politician run

From the latest issue of the print edition, 1300 words or so on the permanent campaign that is our politics (including a bit about something the NDP has been up to that I don’t believe has been reported elsewhere).


‘An honest reaction’

Megan Leslie, asked yesterday about Mr. Trudeau’s shouted profanities.