The (marketing) Force Awakens: Luke … I am your PopChips™

There’s grapes, and then there’s ‘Yoda grapes’ brought to you by Disney. Scott Feschuk on the preposterous branding around Star Wars

The ‘invisible’ in your office

A look at the people who happily work without recognition—so rare in today’s era of self-promotion

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The Liberal leader is ‘very, very saleable,’ says the party’s fundraiser, who is taking full advantage

Nate Silver and the future of media

Colby Cosh on the Sports Guy and the Witch

A come-from-behind win

The NHL’s come-from-behind win

How the National Hockey League turned a lockout-shortened season into a money-making success story

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Why they got rid of the University of Western Ontario

Gourmet groceries

Loblaw’s targets gourmet tastes

Can a high-end ‘black label’ (and some well-aged cheese) rescue President’s Choice?


Hello, New Jersey!

Mike Moffatt hops onto the pile-on regarding the incoherence of the Liberal branding strategy:

What the Liberals have in common with the Gap

Once upon a time, they were classic and iconic

(Still) Searching for a new Liberalism

Why marketing is the centerpiece of modern political campaigning

Does Branding Really Matter?

Tim Goodman of the Hollywood Reporter has his own theory of what ails Terriers (approaching the last episode of its first-maybe-but-hopefully-not-last season): it’s a branding problem. The show just doesn’t fit what viewers consciously or subconsciously expect from the network.


Joe’s Fresh Take

How Loblaws became the new king of Canadian fashion