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A woman to her sister with cancer: ‘For now, I thank God you are here today’

Your public persona was ‘Madame Ambassador,’ writes Verla Chatsis to her sister. ‘To us, you are Deb, the little sister I still long to protect.’

Sydney Loney was scheduled to have a mastectomy by mid-March. Now, due to COVID-19's impact on the medical system, her surgery has been postponed indefinitely. (Photograph by Chloe Ellingson)

‘I have breast cancer and can’t be treated because of the coronavirus’

Sydney Loney was diagnosed with breast cancer in January. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, her scheduled mastectomy was cancelled, and she doesn’t know how her cancer has progressed.

A mother with cancer to her children: ‘When words fail me…at least I can say I love you’

Before You Go: Lana Dyment on the despairing consequences of ‘chemobrain’ and how through the fog, she sees what really matters

Are we winning the fight against cancer in women?

Overall, Canadian women are 13 per cent less likely to die from cancer now than two decades ago—but fatality rates for some types, like lung cancer, remain the same

Is the anti-mammography movement based on bad science?

The debate over breast-cancer screening is turning into an academic feud, leaving millions of women in limbo

A link between bacteria and breast cancer?

A new study suggests bacteria could could play a role in how the disease progresses, and maybe one day, how it’s treated.

Deborah Marie Blais

Deborah Marie Blais

A talented musician and golfer who loved the outdoors, she was a people person who beat cancer

Angelina Jolie and the screening behind a life-changing decision

‘Why would you have this testing if there’s no family history?’ genetic counsellor asks


Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy

Emma Teitel on the only thing that matters

Peter Stoffer puts on the pink mittens

NDP MP Peter Stoffer lends a hand, well two, to help with breast cancer awareness.

The medical lottery: treatment rates vary wildly from one city to another

A look at the highest and lowest rates of surgery in the country