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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes his way to a press conference in Ottawa on Oct. 16, 2020 (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

A progressive federal budget and how to pay for it

Ed Broadbent and Brittany Andrew-Amofah: To ‘build back better’ Canada will need childcare, pharmacare, a green recovery—and new measures to sustain them

A closed store front in Toronto displays a sign pleading for economic relief, on April 16, 2020 (CP/Nathan Denette)

A progressive approach to COVID-19 recovery

Ed Broadbent and Rick Smith: Now is the time for ‘bold experimentation’ to address the needs of Canadians and our economic and social rights

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh delivers his speech during the party's convention in Ottawa on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018

The NDP knows what it stands for. Now begins the work of policymaking.

Inequality, pharmacare and intraparty democracy were on the agenda at the NDP’s Ottawa convention. ‘The time for timid is over’, said Singh.

How Willy Blomme became Jagmeet Singh’s indispensable chief of staff

The former Jack Layton speech writer and Broadbent Institute Quebec director is the experienced hand behind the NDP leader’s young team

The problem with cities asking for a share of the marijuana tax

Opinion: Municipalities’ requests for marijuana money to bolster police budgets will require a hard look at the impact of the drug’s criminalization

Watch the 2016 Progress Summit as it happens

The Broadbent Institute’s annual Progress Summit gathers left-leaning politicos for four days in Ottawa. We’re carrying a livestream.

Why serious electoral reform is a tough sell

A new poll on changing how we vote shows support for the old way

Fickle millennials, progressive values and political engagement

Maclean’s associate editor Aaron Wherry moderates a panel at the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit on the flummoxing issue of young people and their collective attitude toward voting in general elections. Read our full story on the March 2015 Progress Summit.

A look back at Progress Summit 2015

From Anita Sarkeesian to Shad to leaders nationwide, the Broadbent Institute gathered a broad range of progressive voices. Watch now.

Ausma Malik on being a Millennial in politics

Malik, a trustee for the Toronto District School Board, speaks to Maclean’s from the 2015 Progress Summit

NDP adviser Brad Lavigne on the progressive struggle

The left’s right-hand man speaks to Maclean’s about the value of progressive summits and ideas

Mike Layton on the politics of #TOpoli

The son of the late NDP leader and current Toronto city councillor speaks to Maclean’s at the 2015 Progress Summit