Budget Implementation Act

The first budget bill of 2014

Weighing in at 375 pages

Where are they now? C-4, the omnibus budget bill

This fall’s implementation act went (relatively) quietly

What else is in the latest omnibus budget bill?

Changes to how public service labour disputes are settled

Abolish the Senate, replace it with Deloitte

A lonely nation turns its eyes to auditors


How to have an easier time passing an omnibus budget bill

The government might have maneuvered out of another voting marathon

The CBC, C-60 and splitting the bill

Another omnibus bill, another fight

C-60: the first budget implementation act of 2013

A slightly smaller kind of omnibus


Omnibus No More

Chris Selley points to one part of C-45, last year’s second budget implementation act.


#IdleNoMore and the fight for democracy

Wab Kinew explains the Idle No More protests.


Procedural war

Keith Beardsley considers Peter Van Loan’s walk across the aisle, opposition delays and omnibus legislation.

Still trying to explain the changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act

On Tuesday, Denis Lebel ventured that all of the provinces had been consulted about C-45’s changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act and that none of the provinces had any concerns. But it seems the Nova Scotia government, having received a letter from Mr. Lebel three days before the bill was tabled, are still working on their response.