Canadian Medical Association President Alika Lafontaine

The Power List: Alika Lafontaine is working to make life better for all doctors

Lafontaine’s ability to consider the greater whole was his biggest asset when he assumed the CMA’s top job

My Prediction: More ERs will close and more doctors will burn out

Without a viable national strategy, Canada’s health-care system will continue to collapse.

State of Emergency: Inside Canada’s ER Crisis

I’ve been an urgent-care doctor for 39 years, and my department has never been closer to collapse. We’re not alone.

I’ve only been a nurse for eight months. The chaos is killing me.

Jacelyn Wingerter is a Saskatchewan hospital nurse facing the impossible. “We have 35 beds in our department, and 100 patients needing treatment.”

Working hard or hardly working?

People claim they’re putting in more time at their jobs than ever before. Turns out we toil a lot less than we think.