John Greyson

On two Canadians jailed in Cairo

Michael Petrou explains why it is hard to argue that Canada has abandoned Tarek Loubani and John Greyson

Egypt: No country for women

Nine out of 10 women in Cairo say they’ve been groped, and sexual violence is getting worse

Egypt’s old bogeyman returns

Welcome to the terrifying reality of a post-coup Middle East country
Mideast Egypt

Michael Petrou on the shifting alliances of Egypt’s revolution

Mubarak supporters, opponents march together in Tahrir Square

The streets of Cairo in 140 characters

Michael Petrou live tweets from Egypt
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Benghazi Glen Ross

Why was Obama the only leader to reference religion in response to Libya attack?
Good news

Good news, bad news: Sept. 8-15

Canada reopens its embassy in Libya, the Taliban attacks the U.S. embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul
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Revolution delayed?

Tourists have fled, the economy has collapsed and Egypt’s nascent democracy has stalled
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Where does Egypt go from here?

As the country celebrates the end of Mubarak’s rule, the hangover of the revolution begins to kick in