Calgary 2026


How Calgary outgrew the Olympic dream

Jason Markusoff: The 2026 Winter Games were seen as a quick fix for Calgary’s economic challenges. With a clear ’no’ vote, residents showed they have more lasting solutions in mind
Mary Moran

Calgary’s make-it-up-as-they-go-along Olympic bid lives on

Jason Markusoff: Arithmetic triple lutzes have kept the 2026 bid alive and a reluctant city now waits until the Nov. 13 plebiscite day to have its say

Putting Calgary’s Olympic bid out of its misery

As the project dies—or limps along—what are Calgary’s boosters left with? Some hard questions about how to best lift their city from the doldrums.
Opening Ceremonies

Calgary’s ’May As Well’ Olympic bid—modest ambition that still costs billions

Jason Markusoff: The value proposition being sold here is not an Olympics that builds new things. So what exactly does Calgary expect to get?
Helen Upperton

Putting the ’limp’ in Olympics: Calgary’s 2026 bid lives on, but for what, exactly?

City council chose Monday against euthanizing the bid, but there is not much of a ’Yes’ side left eager to lose money and get hosed by the IOC